It may be common but, despite what you’ve heard, IBS isn’t normal.
Nutritional therapy can help—a lot.

You can take back your life, starting today.

For symptoms of IBS, a GP should always be your first port of call. However, doctors can’t always fully explore the reason you have diarrhoea, constipation, bloating or pain—and so you get a diagnosis of IBS. Let’s take a deeper look …

Many body systems are involved in this condition. The digestive, nervous, immune and musculo-skeletal systems all play a part in the development and course of CFS.

The list of autoimmune conditions is huge, and continues to grow. There is no quick fix, but by finding and addressing the underlying problems in your immune system, you can gain some control.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health issues in our society. Anxiety and depression are not the same, but they are often experienced together as a complex set of emotional and functional changes.

Hormonal imbalances cause serious health problems, including inflammation, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, sexual dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, dementia and more.

Skin problems come from the inside. Toxicity in your body, gut imbalances, food allergies and nutrient deficiencies can ruin your skin. Once you address these issues, your skin has a good chance of getting better.

About me

Like so many nutrition and health practitioners—and probably like you, too—I’ve struggled with chronic disease for many years.

When I saw the power of uncovering and tackling the root causes of disease, as opposed to just treating the symptoms, I wanted to be part of the solution. 

As a clinician, I use the same principles that worked for me: getting back to basics with whole, unprocessed foods, using functional testing to reveal imbalances and tackling them with targeted nutrition and supplements.


My pricing


£ 350
  • Initial consultation + 3 follow-ups
  • With this package I can use a number of clinical tests and tweak my approach to solving your health puzzle based on results, over the course of four or five months.
Most Popular


£ 150
  • A 60-minute consultation, plus two hours of research to create your protocol.
  • Before we meet, I’ll get you to fill in a short questionnaire and food diary. We'll discuss your health aims and questionnaire answers, including current conditions, medication, medical history, diet, lifestyle and medical test results if you have them.


£ 75
  • A 30-minute consultation, plus one hour of research to tweak your protocol.
  • The follow-up is usually four weeks after the initial consultation, but this is flexible. We'll discuss how your health aims are progressing, how you have managed with the nutritional plan, and the results of any functional or medical tests.


Parasite Cleanse

Today, you are no more or less likely to get a parasite infection than you were twenty years ago. It’s only our focus—and the trends of the moment—that change.

Symptoms of Mould Exposure

Moulds are microscopic fungi that exist all throughout our environment, both in the natural world and in our homes and buildings.

What causes Food Intolerances

Research is beginning to help us uncover some of the likely reasons, but we believe that food intolerances are at least partly caused by poor gut health.